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Excellent Chrome Apps You Should Probably Be Using

Best Chrome Apps

The utility of Chrome apps has recently seen some major improvements, but most of these changes are often not well-advertised, and may go unnoticed. What follows is a collection of some of the most useful offerings and a brief explanation of how they can improve your web browsing experience.

The Google Apps

If you’re a Chrome user, the odds are high you are also using another one of Google’s excellent web-based services. By default, the Google Drive app comes pre-configured with a fresh install of Chrome, but the rest of Google’s apps, at present, do not. Luckily, there are Chrome apps for Calendar, Gmail, and Keep, and they all offer offline functionality.

Another extremely useful Chrome app from Google, especially if you’re of the Geek persuasion, is Chrome Remote Desktop, which offers an easy way to remotely control other computers. You have the option to establish both brief, one-time access to a machine for some quick troubleshooting, or longer-term, more in-depth control for a more complete remote access solution.

Code With Codenvy

If you’re a developer, you might be surprised at the increasing number of tools for coding in the cloud. The Codenvy IDE is a comprehensive, collaborative development environment that supports multiple languages, including HTML, Javascript, Java, Ruby, and Python. In addition, it enables you to export your work to services like Heroku and Google App Engine.

Use Tomatoes To Stay Productive With The Pomodoro Technique


As I’ve mentioned before, the Pomodoro technique is one way to help you become prolific by compelling you to work in consistent, 25 minute blocks. Tomatoes is a Chrome app that can assist you in tracking your time, but also adds a gamification element, in which you can contribute your times to a leaderboard and compare yourself to other users’ performance.

If you’re not the competitive type, Timeout and are comparable alternatives without the leaderboard functionality.

Attempt Secure, Private Chat With CryptoCat

If you’re a little fed up with having all of your online communications being stored and analyzed, you might want to utilize a handy, little Chrome app called CryptoCat. This app purports to be private, secure, and anonymous, and, most importantly, ensures that none of your chat conversations are saved.

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