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Explore Points Of Interest On Your Travels With Roadtrippers

Like many restless geeks, PC is prone to getting a major case of wanderlust, and the occasional roadtrip is a mandatory, and greatly appreciated, excursion. Yet, if you are not a big fan of location-oriented services, like Foursquare, it may be difficult for you to discover interesting, new places on your travels.

There are numerous apps and services for travel-associated needs, but there’s something about Roadtrippers that is especially appealing. Aside from the well-designed web and mobile interface, Roadtrippers has a wealth of content and features to ensure that you’re going to have a great time.

To get started, you enter your origin and destination, and the app will generate the optimal route via Google Maps. Then, you tell Roadtrippers how far you’re willing to deviate from your path, and what types of activities you’re interested in, to find potential attractions (e.g., historical sites, bars, museums, restaurants). Based on the criteria you’ve set, your map will populate with numerous, color-coded pins, to alert you to travel targets as you move along your trajectory.

Furthermore, each location the service discovers comes with its own place page, with a crowd-sourced Rad-O-Meter that is meant to gauge how ridiculously awesome fellow Roadtrippers felt the location was. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, and just feel like browsing, the service also has curated guides that aggregate points of interest into targeted tours.

Once you’re ready to abscond, you can save your itinerary and access it via Roadtripper’s iOS app. The app is well-made, and while it does not contain the full functionality of the web service, it will let you peruse local attractions, and view the route directions you created via the web interface.

What are you still doing here? Go get yourself in trouble ;-)

Source Lifehacker

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