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Get The Best Price For Groceries With mySupermarket


The agoraphobic paradise is almost upon us. Not just content with being able to order books and movies online, online retailers like Amazon are beginning to set their sights on providing much of the same goods typically associated with a grocery or convenience store. Add in the expedited shipping that accompanies a Prime membership and Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program, and you’ve got some serious disruption to business as usual.

All joking aside, the amount of time I have to take out of my day to drive to local stores and wait in line has always bothered me. I never found these experiences to be particularly enjoyable, and could always think of more productive (or fun) ways to spend my time. The options that Amazon has made available to consumers have been a boon, and enabled me to set up automated systems for having required items shipped to me on a recurring basis.

Yet, Amazon still doesn’t always have the best price for every item, and, sometimes, they charge significantly more. MySupermarket is a service that can help you figure out when a trip to a competing, online seller is in order.

Originating in the United Kingdom, and recently launched in the U.S.A., mySupermarket is a service that compares the prices of online goods from sellers such as Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, and Costco. Products are displayed with their lowest available price across all surveyed storefronts.

Even better, the site tells you how much you can save by purchasing an alternate, but comparable, item, and displays several relevant coupons for your product of interest. In addition, the interface makes it very easy to click through and make an online purchase.

Keep in mind, not all vendors seem to be equally represented (e.g., Coca-Cola seems to be non-existent), and that, often, getting the best unit price for an item will require a bulk purchase.

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Source TechCrunch

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