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Use Spirit To Set An Expiration Date For Your Tweets


Once you post something to the Internet, it is there forever, but if you have a desire for ephemeral social media and you use Twitter, Spirit may be right up your alley. Read more

Several Tips For Speeding Up An Old iOS Device

iPhone and iPad

Whenever a new iOS device comes out, it can be very easy to look at your current gear and feel that it has been instantly obsoleted. If you know what I mean, yet you don’t have the funds to upgrade to the newest tech, you may want to try speeding up your device with the following recommendations. Read more

Facilitate Apple Purchases With Their New, Official Trade-In Program

iPhone Trade-In Program

Apple device upgrades are a common occurrence for many Mac/iOS exponents. If you’re not a fan of selling older devices via great services like Amazon’s Trade-In Store or Gazelle, you may want to check out Apple’s official trade-in program. Read more

Become A Cable Management Master

Cable Management

The dirty little secret of many home theater and technology loving geeks is the inevitable mess of cables that build up behind their sweet setups. Learning how to better manage this chaos can make it much easier when you need to change your configuration, or troubleshoot an issue when something goes wrong.

Today, we’re going to focus on some good tips for bringing your cable management situation to a more manageable place. Read more

Improve Your Grammar And Spelling With Grammarly


Spell check extensions and services are relatively common, but there are not many solutions that also verify your grammar. If you are a stickler for sound prose, you should give the Grammarly Lite browser extensions a try. Read more

Enhance Your Media Library With These Excellent Video Convertors

Video Convertors

It’s now pretty easy to find a plethora of high-quality content that is affordable and easy to access on the devices of your choice. However, if you still have reams of old video content that you’ve collected over the years, and you are looking for a way to re-encode and organize it to fit into your modern library, there are several applications you should know of. Read more

How To Address Nettlesome Multi-Page Articles

Multi-Page Articles

Sometimes, there is a legitimate use case. An article is extremely long, and to make it a bit more manageable for the reader, you break up the post into multiple pieces. Other times, it’s an annoying ploy to increase page views and advertising revenue.

Regardless, if multi-page articles bother you, there are a variety of ways to address them. Read more

How To Extract Value From Your Facebook Account


While it may not be associated with productivity, there are ways to utilize Facebook’s massive user base to actually do something useful. Today, we’re going to cover a few examples that will try to engender more symmetry in your relationship with the world’s largest social network. Read more


Columbus Day

Around this time of year, many countries celebrate the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas. The goodness of his endeavors are debatable, but it is nice to have a little extra time to spend with friends and family.

Normal posts will resume on Wednesday, October 16th.

How To Better Utilize Your MacBook Charging Adapters

Today’s terse tip involves those little Duckhead charger adapters that come with your shiny, plastic MacBook power supplies. Turns out that aside from helping charge their anodized, aluminum relatives, they can serve double duty with a plethora of other charging devices. Read more