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Transform Your Caps Lock Key Into A Cr-48-esque Search Key

Advanced Users Only: Although the tenability of marketing a laptop with just a web browser as an operating system is debatable, Google’s Cr-48 did have at least one novel, provocative feature. Unless you have a proclivity for screaming at people in chat/IM discussions, you probably rarely use the Caps Lock key on your keyboard.

Wouldn’t it make sense to convert the button into something relevant to modern computer users? Google did, and transmuted the anachronistic Caps Lock key into a Search button. Depressing the key would bring up a Google Chrome search box, a convenient feature for indulging your insatiable curiosity.

Since Google’s first attempt at a post-PC machine received a lukewarm welcome from the digerati, let us see how we can attempt to replicate this functionality with our current computers. Read more