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Gain Advanced Tab Management Options With OneTab Chrome Extension


Chrome has built-in tab restoration and management options, but there are many available extensions that greatly expand upon its limited capabilities. If you’re looking for more powerful ways of working with your browser tabs, check out OneTab. Read more

Easily Re-Open Accidentally Closed Browser Tab With Keyboard Shortcut Jiu Jitsu

Reopen closed tab

When you live in your web browser most of the day, you are probably accustomed to managing numerous tabs. As you’re moving back and forth, getting your work on, it is inevitable that you will, at some point, accidentally close out an important browser tab.

There is a useful keyboard shortcut available to mitigate this annoying occurrence. Read more

Stay Fresh And Clean By Automatically Clearing Private Data When You Exit Your Browser


If you are concerned about the data your web browser is storing about you, there is a way for you to manually purge all this information to ensure a fresh starting point for your online sessions. Even better, there are ways to configure your browser to do this automatically every time you close the application.

Wiping your private data every time you close your browser will give you a fresh slate, but, keep in mind, that you will be required to re-authenticate yourself to every site that requires credentials each time you start your browser. Also, clearing your browser’s cache, while often a good troubleshooting step, will result in site’s loading slower the first time you visit them.

If you’re OK with these caveats, read on for specific instructions on how to purge your browser’s private data. Read more

Start Popular Web Browsers In Private Browsing Mode

Private Browsing Mode

Whether you suffer from a pinch of paranoia, or you just want to ensure you don’t leave an easily followed trail of digital detritus behind you, utilizing modern web browsers’ Private Browsing Modes can be a simple step to preventing other device users from perusing your browser activities. It’s pretty easy to jump into and exit this special mode, but frequent users of this feature may find the alternation annoying.

Luckily, there is a simple way to have all popular web browsers open in this mode, by default. Read more

Expunge Duplicate Firefox Bookmarks With Bookmark Duplicate Cleaner

Bookmark Duplicate Cleaner

In a world with Evernote, things like bookmarks may seem like a quaint throwback to computing times of yore, but many of us still find a place for them in our computing routine. Over enough time, collecting tens of hundreds of bookmarks could raise the specter of duplicates, and a major clean up may be justified.

If you’re using Chrome, you can utilize the handy SuperSorter extension, but what about the Firefox acolytes out there? TechEdified has you covered. Read more

Sync OS X And iOS Clipboards With CloudClipboard


Over the past few months, I’ve become convinced of the capabilities of mobile computing devices (i.e., smartphones, tablets) to effectively supplement, and in some cases, outright replace, the more traditional laptop experience. Now, I find myself in a place where I am using multiple devices running multiple operating systems.

Using Google services and a web browser like Chrome make this a very real and downright pleasurable experience because of the seamless nature of Google’s sync technology. One moment, I could be composing another article for this site, or researching a health issue for my Gramps, and the next, I could be waiting in line on a smartphone, or at a friend’s house on a tablet, perusing all the tabs I left open on my home computer.

Aside from sync, another essential aspect of computing is copy and sync, and, if you use OS X and iOS-based devices, you might want to check out a great app called CloudClipboard. Read more

Automatically Discover Discounts At Checkout With Handy Extension

Coupon At Checkout

These days, finances are tight for the majority of the population. Great deals can be had by shopping online, but it’s often unclear if you’ve put in the required time to thoroughly research the product and ensure you’ve found the best price.

Instead of manually perusing discount aggregators like RetailMeNot, a new browser extension will automate the process for you. Read more

Restore Twitter Data To Your Google Searches With HashPlug For Chrome

Google search is an incredible tool, yet it was never adept at mining our social graphs, i.e., the voluminous amounts of data we share on our social networks. This all changed once Google launched their Real-Time Search product. Google was leveraging real-time data from multiple social networks (e.g., publicly available data from Twitter and Facebook fan page updates) to provide more personalized, relevant answers to your queries.

Unfortunately, the deals that enabled this interoperability fell through, and Google ended up creating a social layer on top of their products to obtain unfettered access to the types of information that social networks like Twitter and Facebook no longer wanted to provide. If Google’s Social Search is not giving you the kind of results you want, and you pine for the days of Twitter integration, there is an extension for Chrome that can bring you pretty close to the real McCoy. Read more

Clean Up Your Chrome Bookmarks With Neater Bookmarks

Neater Bookmarks

Chrome is an amazing browser that is fast becoming its own veritable, cloud operating system. Regardless of what device or OS I am using, Chrome is there, syncing all my essential information and bringing me the fast, clean performance I’ve come to expect.

Yet, there is at least one area of traditional browsing where Chrome falls short, i.e., bookmarks. The organizer is ugly and cumbersome, and it doesn’t seem to be as efficient or powerful as Firefox’s offering.

Chrome’s myriad other strengths more than makeup for this weaknesses, but if you’d like to make its bookmark organizer more palatable, give this extension a try. Read more

Disable Chrome PDF Viewer

Chrome PDF Viewer

Modern versions of Google’s Chrome have a built-in viewer for displaying files encoded in the ubiquitous PDF file format. This means that when you click on a link to a PDF file, it will automatically open in the web browser.

While this is fine for most end users, it can be an annoying behavior for others. For example, I often need to modify PDF files before uploading them to web services like Evernote, and having to wait for a file to first display in the browser, then download it to my computer for modification, only to have to re-upload to Evernote is a pain.

If this is something you go through too often and you wish Chrome treated these files differently, there is a way to modify this behavior. Read more