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Powerful, Web-Based Applications For Chromebooks And PCs

Web Apps

The breadth, depth, and power of web apps increases every year, and I am continually surprised at the variety of available options, and how often the selections are able to adeptly help me get my work done. If you’re new to the web app experience, or just want a quick overview of some the best options out there, read on.

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Compose And Edit Microsoft Office Files On iOS With Smart Office 2

Smart Office 2

Although there are now a variety of other viable contenders for creating and sharing office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, it is still an undeniable fact that Microsoft Office, and its associated file formats, are an undeniable aspect of many people’s lives. Even if you do not use Office on your own devices, there is a good chance your friends or coworkers do.

While there are many good options for viewing Office files on iOS devices, there are not as many quality apps for creating or editing them. Smart Office 2 is one such attractive offering. Read more

Add A Tabbed View To Microsoft Office With Office Tabs

Windows only: Tabbed browsing, whether in a web browser or in an operating system’s file navigator, enhances your ability to attend to and shift between multiple tasks. After spending some time with it, it is hard to go back to applications that lack this useful feature.

If you use Microsoft Office for Windows and you’ve either had a clandestine desire for tab implementation, or you’re simply looking for a novel way to get things done in your favorite productivity suite, you might want to check out Office Tabs. Read more

How To Unlock A Protected Excel File

Whether you need to correct a colleague’s mistake, or you forgot the password you secured a file with, getting locked out from mission critical data can be a frustrating experience.

If you’re using Microsoft Office and are looking for ways to regain access to a protected Excel file, you might want to give these options a shot. Read more