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Ensure A Genuinely Random iTunes Shuffle


I love to workout, and, as any fitness junkie knows, having an excellent selection of the right tunes is very important to enhancing the quality and enjoyment of your sessions. One aspect that I particularly like is the serendipitous song. It’s a great feeling when you’re in the last few miles of a jog, are starting to get a little tired, and an unexpected, enlivening song comes on and gives you the energy you need to finish your run.

Here’s the problem. Like many music lovers, I use iTunes and iOS devices to consume content, all of which feature a shuffle option. If you’ve used it long enough, you’ll start to detect patterns and get the feeling that whatever iTunes is doing, it is not quite random.

Guess what, it’s not, and here is how you can fix it. Read more

Tips To Help You Get Started Obtaining Free E-Books

Reading is one of my favorite hobbies and is something I take very seriously. As a lover of all things tech, the advent of highly mobile devices (e.g., iPads, Android phones, and, of course, Kindles) has been a boon for those that have an insatiable appetite for information. Gone are the days of carrying around giant textbooks and capacious tomes.

Now, you can carry around hundreds of books in a small, portable, and affordable device that enables the indulgence of this most edifying hobby at almost any time. Yet, although they are often cheaper than their physical counterparts, e-book purchases can still add up pretty quickly. Whether you are a voracious reader or are just on a tight budget, you should be aware of several ways you can obtain free, e-book content online. Read more

Share Songs With Friends And Discover New Artists With SoundShare

iOS: If you are an iOS user that loves music and wants additional ways to share and discover your favorite tunes/artists, you may be interested in a new app called SoundShare. Read more