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Correct Misspelled Words With A Keyboard Shortcut On OS X

Built-in spell checking for many applications is a great feature of OS X, yet, having to use your mouse to continually right-click the word in question and select the appropriate replacement can become tiresome.

This is a common workflow that is ripe for improvement with a killer keyboard shortcut, and OS X is more than happy to oblige. Read more

A Love Song

No tips today. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and a few last-minute preparations are in order. Whether it is a spouse, significant other, friend or your resident geek, please try to find a way to show appreciation for the ones you love.

And for the truly hardcore, here’s a love letter to humankind’s greatest creation.

Oh, but I can’t get by unless there’s WiFi

Is this a drug that I need

There is no other way

I am at home all day

So that my torrents can seed

You just don’t get it

Cause you’re not on Reddit

And if you want me to go out

Just make sure that there’s


We know just how you feel. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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