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Make iTunes Radio Stations Searchable By Creating Playlists


An infrequently mentioned, but very useful, feature of iTunes is the ability to listen to a plethora of Internet radio stations. In fact, there are so many genres to choose from, that it can become unwieldy to try and scroll through them all.

Strangely, iTunes does not give you the ability to search these stations, by default, but there is an easy workaround available.

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Ensure A Genuinely Random iTunes Shuffle


I love to workout, and, as any fitness junkie knows, having an excellent selection of the right tunes is very important to enhancing the quality and enjoyment of your sessions. One aspect that I particularly like is the serendipitous song. It’s a great feeling when you’re in the last few miles of a jog, are starting to get a little tired, and an unexpected, enlivening song comes on and gives you the energy you need to finish your run.

Here’s the problem. Like many music lovers, I use iTunes and iOS devices to consume content, all of which feature a shuffle option. If you’ve used it long enough, you’ll start to detect patterns and get the feeling that whatever iTunes is doing, it is not quite random.

Guess what, it’s not, and here is how you can fix it. Read more

How To Create And Share A YouTube Playlist

YouTube is an incredible resource that, in part, serves as a repository for a diverse collection of entertaining and informative material. If you have the time and inclination, many hours can be spent perusing its offerings.

In order to facilitate your viewing experience, it is possible to create playlists, so that you can organize everything you want to see, and move through your queue at your own pace. Better yet, playlists can be an excellent way to share what you think is interesting content with friends and family. Read more

Skip Recently Listened To Tracks In iTunes

While iTunes has some serious tools available to help you rate and categorize your music, most people probably do not take the time to utilize these features. For example, if you rate your music with stars, you can create playlists that only contain the highest-rated tracks and sync only those to your iOS device.

Today’s tip will show you how to get comparable functionality without having to go through the trouble of evaluating your massive, music library. Read more