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Backup Your Android Device To Your Desktop Without Root Access

Holo Backup

While Android’s built-in backup option is useful and appreciated, it is notorious for providing a less than stellar restore experience. More comprehensive backup solutions traditionally required a user to root their device, but the latest breed of backup apps are much more forgiving and user-friendly. Read more

Display Your Phone’s Actual Signal Strength

Signal Strength

If you have ever been frustrated by the oversimplified, and often inaccurate, representation of your phone’s cellular signal strength, you should know that there is a way to get the precise decibel (dBm) measurement on your iPhone or Android device. No jailbreaking/rooting is required, and if you want to go back to the traditional signal strength indicator, you can reverse the process. Read more

How To Uninstall Android Apps

Although there are several easy ways to install applications on an Android device, uninstalling them may not seem as convenient. In case you are running out of storage space and need to do some pruning, here is a simple guide for removing Android applications. Read more