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How To Format An SD Card On Android

Note: This method was tested on a device running Android 2.2 Froyo.

Most Android phones either come with an SD card or give you the option to install one. Expanding your device’s storage space in this manner can be a great way to store more music, photos and other media, while simultaneously preserving your device’s internal memory for applications and user data.

Before you can start utilizing a new SD card, it will need to be formatted. Fortunately, Android has this capability built-in and it is a relatively painless process to accomplish. Read more

What To Do Before You Sell Your Mobile Device

For many fortunate people, mobile devices are now commodity items that are often sold to allow an upgrade to the next, more powerful model. Since these devices contain personally identifiable information, it is wise to take certain precautions before handing off your gadget to another party.

Usually, this entails doing a full wipe of your device. Read more

Tame The Android Beast By Learning About Android Partitions

While many people use Android devices without exploring their comprehensive feature set, there are some individuals that like to tinker and get the most out of their mobile devices. Android phones, with their greater flexibility and user control, are more akin to real computers than their iOS brethren, and, consequently, require a steeper learning curve.

Today, I’d like to focus on one aspect of the Android experience, Android partitions. Read more

How To Repair Botched Android Market Installations

Google’s Android operating system has evolved into a viable competitor to Apple’s iOS in the mobile marketplace. Yet, unlike its tightly controlled cousin from Cupertino, it has been known to suffer from some of the unreliability issues associated with platforms that offer more freedom and a diverse selection of hardware/software configurations. Specifically, if you have been having issues with installing apps through Google’s Android Market, Whitson Gordon from Lifehacker might have a fix for you. Read more

Which PC Should You Buy? SalesClark Can Help

If you have ever walked into the Computer section of a big box store, such as BestBuy, I’m sure you’ve had this experience. You walk down the aisle and try to glean some useful information from the lilliputian card descriptions placed on the rack: Core i5, 2 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM, 7200 RPM drive. What do these terms mean? All the computers seem to look alike, yet they have these tiny differences in their specifications, and the sheer volume of choice is overwhelming. You know what you want to do with the computer, so wouldn’t it be nice if you could say how you plan on utilizing a new PC and get an appropriate recommendation? Even better, what if you didn’t have to go to the store? SalesClark may be just what you need. Read more