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Get Free Legal Counsel At

Many of us hope that we will never be in a situation that requires the services of a lawyer, but, no matter how hard we try, life has a way of getting complicated when we least expect it. Often, before becoming entrapped in the legal system, we have relevant questions whose answers may help us prepare for what’s ahead.

Today’s post may introduce you to a resource that can help you navigate this formidable system. Read more

Save Face With Security Cam For iOS

iOS only: Since many of us now carry around valuable (and highly pocketable) tech, there is always the specter of theft lurking in the back of our minds. Luckily, most of these devices contain a camera and Wi-Fi antenna, and can, therefore, be used as surveillance equipment that can identify the thief that just swiped our precious. The only element that is missing is an app that can take advantage of this built-in hardware, and serve as a mobile device surveillance system. Security Cam for iOS might fit the bill. Read more