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Posts tagged ‘Tools’

Experience Google Chat, IMs and Hangouts Independently Of Browser Tabs With Official Google Chrome Extension

In regard to communications tools, Google offers a boatload of options. You can chat, instant message, make traditional voice/video calls, and even attend video conferences with Hangouts. Yet, these tools are, to an extent, tied to an individual web page (i.e., Gmail) and don’t operate independently of the browser tab.

If you refresh the page or accidentally close the tab, all associated tools and conversations will end, abruptly. Now, Google has addressed this weakness, and made an extension that enables these key products to operate similarly to any other application you have installed on your computer. Read more

Use Google Flights To Discover And Book The Most Affordable Fares

If you’re a technically inclined traveler, you are likely acquainted with myriad services for finding the cheapest flights. Yet, for some people, these services and their various options may seem overwhelming.

For those desiring the simplified interface that Google products often bring to bear, check out their newest tool, Google Flights. Read more

Save Money By Estimating DIY Repairs With AutoMD

The single greatest expense in my monthly budget is easily the costs associated with owning and maintaining a vehicle. While services such as Zipcar are becoming viable alternatives to vehicle ownership in many geographic areas, many of us are not quite ready to turn in our keys for good.

Regardless, there are web services available that can mitigate these costs and ease the financial burden of having to deal with automobiles. AutoMD is one excellent option. Read more

Track Which Android Apps Use The Most Data With Onavo

Having a tiny supercomputer in your pocket is amazing, but you know what isn’t? Well, how do you feel about the exorbitant fees that come with exceeding the data limit on your cellular provider’s plan?

If you would like a way to keep track of how much data your smartphone’s applications are using, you should check out Onavo. Read more