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Posts tagged ‘Windows 7 Taskbar’

Great Tips For Making The Most Out Of Limited Screen Real Estate

For many people, times are tough, and instead of being able to purchase the next new gadget or peripheral, we need to make the best out of what we’ve got. One key area of computing that is often a bottleneck for productivity is screen real estate.

Since purchasing several monitors and a more powerful graphics card to drive them is most likely not an option, let’s examine a few ways to get the most out of the tech we already have. Read more

Monitor CPU And RAM Usage Via The Windows 7 Taskbar

Whether your favorite application just locked up or your computer’s fans started to spin uncontrollably, it may be a useful troubleshooting option to have your PC’s CPU and RAM usage continuously displayed on your desktop.

One viable option to accomplish this task is a new, lightweight portable application, RAM CPU Taskbar for Windows 7. Read more

Restore Quick Launch Bar In Windows 7 To Easily Drag Items To The Desktop

One of the things that took some time to get used to after I first tried OS X was the way it approached windows. Coming from the Microsoft realm, I was used to working with applications that took up the entire screen, so once I saw that OS X apps rarely do this, I was irked.

Over time, I began to appreciate why working with non-maximized windows might be useful. One example is when you want to drag browser items from your selected window to the desktop. In Windows, this workflow is not feasible by default, but with a few tweaks, you can be dragging items to your desktop with impunity. Read more